Indoor Snowball Fight Ideas

I love snow.  Well, I love snow until about February, because after that it’s just dirty and hard and cold.  But the fresh snow of December is heaven.  Remember my summer snowball game from our simple Frozen Birthday Party? Well, I realized it makes a great indoor snowball game as well.  Perfect for holiday games or Christmas decorations as well as just a fun winter blues buster!  So I was feeling crafty and decided to make some FREE Snowball Fight Printables and show you what I did for my Indoor Snowball Fight Kit (plus some other ideas if you don’t have time to make it).

And yes, in case you are wondering I have actually had an indoor snowball fight with my kidlets and these fun little puff balls.  It happened randomly one day after school.  We were running all around throwing these snowballs.  We were giggling all over the place and not a single decoration or child (or mama) was hurt in the process.  I highly recommend a good, random snowball fight every so often. Click here to read about Caramel Apple Kit.

FREE printable Indoor Snowball Fight Tags.  Click the link for more designs.