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Simple FROZEN Birthday Party Ideas

Before we moved in May, we threw a birthday party for Baby Girl with a FROZEN theme.  My girls’ loved the Disney movie, and she really wanted it to be all about Anna and Elsa.  Now, don’t freak out and think I carved ice sculptures and created my own snow for this party.  I kept it sooo SIMPLE. I’ve seen so many ideas online for Frozen birthday parties.  Some are so perfectly beautiful that I can’t imagine inviting a bunch of kids to the party.  I didn’t do that. We had 12 girls at the party.  These are simple, fairly realistic ideas.  I hope they help someone out there trying to come up with Simple Frozen Birthday Party Ideas.


Invites were a free printable from Homeketeers.  They were great.  Easy to download and use.
Here’s the link:
Free Printable Frozen Party Invites from Homeketeers. Click here to read about HEAVENLY MORSELS: The easiest cookie you’ll ever make.


I used easy things from Dollar Tree and even some of our winter and valentine decor.  We kept the color scheme of purple, teal/aqua, and silver.  I looked for anything sparkly and pretty.  Anything with snowflakes, snowmen, hearts, etc.  Much of this I already had around the house.  I also used a simple, plastic tablecloth and paper plates and cups from Dollar Tree.

Found a bag of these gems at Dollar Tree too.  I used them as decor in a fancy bowl as a centerpiece.  

Sugar Popcorn Treat (Quick & Cheap)

Oh, I have got the BEST recipe for you today.  It’s low-cost.  It’s colorful.  It’s fun.  It’s easy.  Sugar Popcorn is the perfect treat or snack for a big party or crowd.  You can make a lot quickly and hardly spend anything.  Think of it for church groups, birthday parties, school ideas, etc.

This popcorn has a very sweet, sugary flavor.  It’s very basic and simple. Click here to read about Indoor Snowball Fight Ideas.

This recipe is actually from My Mama.  She used to make this for me when I needed to bring a GREEN food to school on St. Patrick’s Day.  She could whip it up in minutes and have enough for my whole class.

My Little Son calls it “Painted Popcorn”

These are the ingredients you need (exact amounts below):

Easy Halloween Minute-to-Win-It Party (plus printables)

This past week my Little Son had a birthday party.  He wanted just a few friends for a simple Halloween Minute-to-Win-It party.  I’m glad he wanted simple because I knew with My Man’s busy medical schedule there was a high chance I would be doing it single-parent-style.  I only do friend parties every other year (like Baby Girl’s FROZEN party in May).  Mostly because they do take time and money and some years I just don’t want to worry about that.  But this year the birthday party was easy and affordable.  I used Dollar Tree like crazy and my own computer to make the printable invites, thank you cards, and more.  Plus, I’ve added the FREE Halloween Party PRINTABLES I made for you at the bottom of this post.  


Like I said, I used Dollar Tree for a lot of the decor and games.  Here’s what we decorated with. click here to read about Sugar Popcorn Treat (Quick & Cheap)

Again, Dollar Tree for the eyeballs and candy containers.  For water bottles I peeled off the label and just put a sticker instead of finding a printable label like everyone is doing these days (though in my opinion you really can just leave the regular label on, but I wanted you to see this idea).  AND yes, those are cheeseballs.  Before you scorn me for the junk food on this table, I must tell you that we never ever get cheeseballs and that is why Little Son wanted them so much for his party (a special treat!)