Sugar Popcorn Treat (Quick & Cheap)

Oh, I have got the BEST recipe for you today.  It’s low-cost.  It’s colorful.  It’s fun.  It’s easy.  Sugar Popcorn is the perfect treat or snack for a big party or crowd.  You can make a lot quickly and hardly spend anything.  Think of it for church groups, birthday parties, school ideas, etc.

This popcorn has a very sweet, sugary flavor.  It’s very basic and simple. Click here to read about Indoor Snowball Fight Ideas.

This recipe is actually from My Mama.  She used to make this for me when I needed to bring a GREEN food to school on St. Patrick’s Day.  She could whip it up in minutes and have enough for my whole class.

My Little Son calls it “Painted Popcorn”

These are the ingredients you need (exact amounts below):