Simple FROZEN Birthday Party Ideas

Before we moved in May, we threw a birthday party for Baby Girl with a FROZEN theme.  My girls’ loved the Disney movie, and she really wanted it to be all about Anna and Elsa.  Now, don’t freak out and think I carved ice sculptures and created my own snow for this party.  I kept it sooo SIMPLE. I’ve seen so many ideas online for Frozen birthday parties.  Some are so perfectly beautiful that I can’t imagine inviting a bunch of kids to the party.  I didn’t do that. We had 12 girls at the party.  These are simple, fairly realistic ideas.  I hope they help someone out there trying to come up with Simple Frozen Birthday Party Ideas.


Invites were a free printable from Homeketeers.  They were great.  Easy to download and use.
Here’s the link:
Free Printable Frozen Party Invites from Homeketeers. Click here to read about HEAVENLY MORSELS: The easiest cookie you’ll ever make.


I used easy things from Dollar Tree and even some of our winter and valentine decor.  We kept the color scheme of purple, teal/aqua, and silver.  I looked for anything sparkly and pretty.  Anything with snowflakes, snowmen, hearts, etc.  Much of this I already had around the house.  I also used a simple, plastic tablecloth and paper plates and cups from Dollar Tree.

Found a bag of these gems at Dollar Tree too.  I used them as decor in a fancy bowl as a centerpiece.